Dunya Dancemeditation June Series

Dunya Dancemeditation June Series

June Series 6/4 - 26

Fridays, 6/4 – 25  6:30 – 8pm Eastern US Time  Sign Up!
Saturdays, 6/5 – 26  11am – 12:15pm Eastern US Time   Sign Up!
Tea Talking 12:15 – 12:45 after Saturday session

Live Online

Sliding Scale Donation $16 – $100 per course is access for all four sessions.

“”I am in love with the journey…I’m learning something very deep, something words would never cover…” – K.

Greetings, Dancemeditators!

We’ve all been saying that this year on zoom together has been truly wonderful. We will continue to practice together this way. The ease, affordability, comfort, and intimacy support us.

In the June series, special beloved guest, Karleen Koen, will read closing pieces for our Friday night session, and on Saturdays we will continue with the very enjoyable Tea Talking which follows the main practice time. (We’ll take a few minutes break for you to fetch your own tea then reconvene to converse for a half hour or so.)

You absolutely welcome to do one series or the other on its own.

Looking forward to being with you ~

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“Coming out of solitary confinement and relating to others has not been easy for me. But I cannot imagine a sweeter and kinder group of people to help me make that transition. Participation in the Dancemeditation classes has been a wondrous gift.” – A.

“The work transcends the therapeutic— it’s profoundly finding the self as part of the spiritual path.” – P.

“I was tickled…by ‘it all,’ the infinite in everything…Especially me & my experience.”  – J.

“Thank you for guiding this beautiful  practice. I’m surprised at the depth of the meetings with myself.  Then joy follows as the parts are expressed and open.” – D.

“These Dancemeditation sessions have meant so much to me.  I am deeply grateful to you for making them possible for us all to be together while going down deep.  It is hard to describe what I have been experiencing.  The work helps me access my heart body. Nurturing myself, feeling the softness of my animal self.” – S.

“The continuous flow took me deep within. I experienced myself from the inside out. Time stopped. It seemed like we had just begun when you said it was time to ‘rest.’ I actually checked my watch because I couldn’t fathom that so much time had passed.” — K.

Fridays on Eastern US Time 
6 – 6:30 Prelude time with music for us to settle into meditation mode
6:30  – 8 Dancemeditation workshop with Dunya
8 – 8:15 Postlude music
You are welcome to attend Friday only or Saturday only.
Saturdays on Eastern US Time
10:30 – 11 Prelude time with music for us to settle into meditation mode
11 – 12:15 Dancemeditation workshop with Dunya
12:15 – 12:45 Tea Talking
You are welcome to attend Friday only or Saturday only.


Dancemeditation™ is both solace and stability. More important, it answers the necessity of entering our Creative Unfolding now. We will focus on a few simple, rich moving meditations to sink down a couple of notches inside the self, touching Self, followed by time to move on our own, digesting and integrating the openings. Most sessions include rest in one form or another. The energy passing through the online portal is quite powerful, amplifying our individual efforts, supporting us. Without words, with beautiful music, with eyes open or closed, in the continual flow of breath awareness, we move through the crust of harried worries and into our huge spiritual intelligence — the powerful Dancemeditation™ process of Relaxation, Receptivity, Reciprocity and Rest.

Meditations include: Breath Dances, Rocking, Sufi Hand Dances, Deep State Movement Meditations, Veil Companion, Vibration & Wave Form Motion, Deep Rest.