2022 Tea with Dunya Calendar

2022 Tea with Dunya Calendar


“Dunya McPherson’s art embraces many media and many dimensions.  The wonderful photographs of tea, set for Dunya and/or guests, is a clue to how present she is in her work, and how welcoming.

It is appropriate to be sending you this note and these images on the Solstice, a day so significant that human cultures mark and celebrate it in all imaginable ways, a day whose significance is the clue it provides to our place in the cosmos.

Dunya’s primary medium is the body, in dance, seeking an understanding of its connection to the rest of everything without and within.  These quiet teas suggest a measure of the peace and awareness that her experience shares.

I hope you enjoy these images, and call your attention to the information below about the new book that Dunya has just published about her practice – “Sojourn the Inner Heaven: Movement Meditations for Awakening”.

Wishing you happiness, peace and light on the Solstice and the new year it introduces.” 

Robert Manz, robertmanzstudio.com


It is available on two of our favorite papers

  • Finestra Premium Matte Inkjet Photo Paper, 230 gsm. This is the nicest coated card stock we have found, with a combination of good weight and vivid colors that pop.

  • Hahnemuehle Photo Rag 300 gsm, the best (imho) archival paper for limited editions and art that will last longer than you will (or I)

It consists of 14 sheets unbound, twelve months and front and rear cover. Each sheet is center top hole punched for easy hanging. The size given is the overall size. Roughly the top half of the sheet is dedicated to the image and the bottom half to the month days and dates grid. The calendar highlights season changes, phases of the moon and daylight savings start/finish.

All images are copyright, Dunya McPherson. Note cards featuring each of Dunya’s images are also available. Click this link.