Online Autumn Sessions: Dancemeditation with Dunya

Online Autumn Sessions: Dancemeditation with Dunya

Live Online
Dancemeditation with Dunya

Autumn Sessions

Two Saturdays, 10/1 & 11/5
11am – 1pm  Eastern US Time 
with Talk Time following
December 1 – 3
Th & Fr 6:30 – 7:45pm  & Sat 11am – 12:30pm Eastern US Time

Sliding Scale Donation
Full Course  $50—$200 (all five sessions!)
A la carte $12—$40

“”I am in love with the journey…I’m learning something very deep, something words would never cover…” – K.

The Dancemeditation Autumn Sessions form a beautiful arc of practice for our evolving online community. These sessions meet LIVE online so we can feel one another's presence and energy in the Present Moment. The course will meet three first-of-the-month Saturdays and conclude with an additional Thursday and Friday evenings that form an immersion at the beginning of December when the days are shortest and the long dark draws us into our depths—the mystic's heaven.

You are also welcome to attend events a la carte. There will be appropriate sign up options.

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“Dancemeditation is to the body what dreaming is to the mind.” —Dunya McPherson

It is a delight and heart’s joy to announce this in-depth autumn offering of beautiful, profound Dancemeditation. Wordless in the sea of beautiful music, in the continual flow of breath awareness, we move through the crust of harried worries and into our huge spiritual intelligence — the powerful Dancemeditation™ process of Relaxation, Receptivity, Reciprocity and Rest. We have time to spread out into the practice, into the simple, rich moving meditations, sinking down inside the self, touching Self, followed by time to move on our own, digesting and integrating the openings. We have time to unwind and Rest.

A 30′ Talk Time for those who wish follows our close on the Saturday Sessions and the final Saturday session for those wishing to stay.

Two Saturdays, 10/1 & 11/5
11am – 1pm  Eastern US Time with Talk Time following
December 1 – 3
Th & Fr 6:30 – 7:45pm  & Sat 11am – 12:30pm Eastern US Timeme

Sliding Scale Donation
Full Course  $50–$200 (All five sessions!)
A la carte $12—$40

“This morning I found gravity or gravity found me…I was feeling the plasma of life force. The waves. My head started to draw circles and I found a whole new world to move in.” — D.A

"Dancemeditation is like exploring a dark but safe cave where I discover gems of indescribable beauty.” —Chava

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“During tonight’s session, I noticed how much I lean into your presence and anchor, Dunya, to find the courage to be alone with myself, to venture into my inner world. If it weren’t for your commitment to this work, I would have missed out on knowing the depths of myself and feeling the intimacy of being present. I would have skimmed the surface of so many moments, afraid of the void, the pain, the vastness of everything. I feel I can trust the authenticity of your movements and your expressive soul. Because I know you are there, I dare to be here.” – G. M., psychotherapist

“Thank you for returning me to myself. I’ve felt lost. My veil skimmed the carpet as if I were an octopus floating, being carried, wanting to touch and play. I lost the space between movement and breath. They got lost together. The space filled with healing nectar. “ – DLA

“The work transcends the therapeutic— it’s profoundly finding the self as part of the spiritual path.” – P.

“I was tickled…by ‘it all,’ the infinite in everything…Especially me & my experience.”  – J.

“These Dancemeditation sessions have meant so much to me.  I am deeply grateful to you for making them possible for us all to be together while going down deep.  It is hard to describe what I have been experiencing.  The work helps me access my heart body. Nurturing myself, feeling the softness of my animal self.” – S.

“The continuous flow took me deep within. I experienced myself from the inside out. Time stopped. It seemed like we had just begun when you said it was time to ‘rest.’ I actually checked my watch because I couldn’t fathom that so much time had passed.” — K.

Dunya McPherson

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Dunya Dianne McPherson

Dunya Dianne McPherson is a pioneer in the field of embodied mysticism and the founder of Dancemeditation™. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from Juilliard and a Masters in Writing from Leslie University. She trained for two decades with Sufi Master Adnan Sarhan and did significant study in Middle Eastern Dance with Elena Lentini and Anahid Sofian, and in yoga with Shri Dharma Mittra. 

A critically acclaimed dancer and choreographer, Dunya Dianne McPherson has been described by Jennifer Dunning in the New York Times as “…a modern day Isadora Duncan…approaching Ruth St. Denis…a vibrant performer…an unusual and talented choreographer.” Carman Moore in the Village Voice called her, “…killer creative choreographer…”, and Elizabeth Zimmer in Dance Magazine, has said “…she evoked something essentially female, essentially powerful…the pure, solid dancing has never seemed so welcome…”

She was awarded a prestigious National Endowment for the Arts Choreography Fellowship, as well as commissions which include Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors, Dance Uptown, Barnard College, Victoria College of the Arts, Santa Fe Performing Arts Center, and she is the recipient of numerous grants including the CETA Artists Grant.
She has been a faculty member at Barnard College, NYU, and Montclair State University, and the Chair of the Modern Dance Department at Victoria College of the Arts, Melbourne, Australia. Artist-in-Residencies include Swarthmore, Hunter, Oberlin, Amherst, University of Texas, and Princeton University.

She has been a featured presenter at major healing arts centers including: Kripalu, The Contemplative Studies Institute at OSU, the Netherlands Mystik Festival, and for the late Claudio Naranjo’s Institutes in Mexico, South America, and Europe. She was a Featured Presenter at the global 2020 Embodiment Conference.

Dunya’s first book Skin of Glass: Finding Spirit in the Flesh, a memoir of her journey of dance and mysticism, is admired and beloved. She is a contributing author to several books on healing and spirituality. Her new guidebook and practice companion is  Sojourn the Inner Heaven: Movement Meditations for Awakening