10/20 Dancemeditation, Stoneham MA

10/20 Dancemeditation, Stoneham MA

October 10th, Sunday
1- 3:30 at YogaMoves
335 Main St, Stoneham MA
$40 members; $45 non-members

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Join us for an afternoon of beautiful Dancemeditation followed by tea & conversation.

“”I am in love with the journey…I’m learning something very deep, something words would never cover…” – K.

“Dancemeditation is to the body what dreaming is to the mind.” —Dunya McPherson

Our body needs more than a hot bath, a massage, a walk, and a workout.

Join us for an afternoon of beautiful Dancemeditation with Founder, Dunya McPherson. Without words, with beautiful music, with eyes open or closed, in a continual flow of breath awareness, we move through the crust of harried worries and into our huge spiritual intelligence. We turn away from the external and turn toward the internal, away from disembodiment and toward embodiment. We turn toward awareness of breathing and motion, toward the sensation of skin and bone and fascia into an intimacy with self & Self and the joyful mysteries within Presentness. Rather than working out, we work in. The powerful Dancemeditation™ process of Relaxation, Receptivity, Reciprocity and Rest helps us be present in our body in the Moment and brings solace, stability, and magic.

What We Will Do
The workshop begins with Dunya leading a period of relaxing, wordless instruction to focus participants attention followed by a few simple, rich moving meditations to sink down a couple of notches inside the self, touching Self. A generous time for participants to do their own exploratory intuitive movement, to digest and integrate meditative efforts, and flower into Creative Unfolding. Always there is delicious rest.

Meditations include: Breath Dances, Rocking, Sufi Hand Dances, Deep State Movement Meditations, Veil Companion, Vibration & Wave Form Motion, Deep Rest.

October 10th, Sunday
1- 3:30pm
YogaMoves, 335 Main St, Stoneham MA
$40 members; $45 non-members

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"Dancemeditation is like exploring a dark but safe cave where I discover gems of indescribable beauty.” —Chava

Dunya Dianne McPherson

Pioneer in embodied mysticism and Founder of Dancemeditation™, Dunya McPherson specializes in opening the wonderment of deep, subtle, peaceful self-perception. Juilliard alumna, Sufi Master, NYTimes critically acclaimed choreographer, and National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship recipient, Dunya is a practicing artist, academic educator, presenter at healing arts centers worldwide including Kripalu, and author of two beloved books on dance as spiritual path. Full biography 

Skin of Glass: Finding Spirit in the Flesh, memoir of Dunya’s journey in dance and mysticism.
Sojourn the Inner Heaven: Movement Meditations for Awakening, guidebook and practice companion.
She is a contributing author to several books on healing and spirituality.

“During tonight’s session, I noticed how much I lean into your presence and anchor, Dunya, to find the courage to be alone with myself, to venture into my inner world. If it weren’t for your commitment to this work, I would have missed out on knowing the depths of myself and feeling the intimacy of being present. I would have skimmed the surface of so many moments, afraid of the void, the pain, the vastness of everything. I feel I can trust the authenticity of your movements and your expressive soul. Because I know you are there, I dare to be here.” – G. M., psychotherapist

“Thank you for returning me to myself. I’ve felt lost.
My veil skimmed the carpet as if I were an octopus floating, being carried, wanting to touch and play.
I lost the space between movement and breath. They got lost together. The space filled with healing nectar. “ – DLA

“The work transcends the therapeutic— it’s profoundly finding the self as part of the spiritual path.” – P.

“I was tickled…by ‘it all,’ the infinite in everything…Especially me & my experience.”  – J.

“These Dancemeditation sessions have meant so much to me.  I am deeply grateful to you for making them possible for us all to be together while going down deep.  It is hard to describe what I have been experiencing.  The work helps me access my heart body. Nurturing myself, feeling the softness of my animal self.” – S.

“The continuous flow took me deep within. I experienced myself from the inside out. Time stopped. It seemed like we had just begun when you said it was time to ‘rest.’ I actually checked my watch because I couldn’t fathom that so much time had passed.” — K.