Online Course ~ Move with Me Curves & Heart

Online Course ~ Move with Me Curves & Heart


Move with Me: Curves & Heart
Three 20’ video sessions of beautiful, deep Dancemeditation for you to do anywhere on your time. Practices include:
* Wide Arcs & Small Furbelows
* Dance Poems
* Undulating, Whirling, Curving Paths


What’s in Move with Me: Curves & Heart
Three 20’ video sessions of beautiful, deep Dancemeditation for you to do anywhere on your time.
Meditations include:
* Wide Arcs & Small Furbelows
* Dance Poems
* Undulating, Whirling, Curving Paths

“There are times when god stops the clock and I am suspended,  frozen in time. There is something about the suspension that provides a necessary contrast to the relentless motion of everyday life. Thank you for helping me be in stillness in motion, and watching the body’s intelligence emerge and communicate through the mind. These times are golden, as they are so hard to find, yet they tower over the details of everyday life, large and expansive.”  – Casita Negron Wild

Healing & Stress Relief
These days we all need some healing. We live in a time of overwhelm and worry.Here is self-comfort to do in your own space, on your own time. Slip out of your anxious mind, into your intelligent flesh, and smooth into one whole person again.

Fresh Brain & Juicy Body
Join me for a break from moneky-mind folderol. Breathe all the way to the bottom of a full breath, all the way to your toes. Feel lively in the in-betweens and melt the crud that’s been gluing you stiff.

Integration & Inner Peace
Aching heart? Many sadnesses assault us. It’s very human. Come home to your Self, your spirit. Your original true self. That’s the place of solace, understanding, joy, contentment. I can promise you this, because it is reachable. All you have to do is join me on your cozy mat.


What Do You Do?

1. Register above.
2. The course is hosted at on a password-protected page. You will receive an email with a link and a password.
3. You can do the sessions as many times as you wish and at any time you wish.


4 Ways to Use this Course ~

You may not have thought of all of these…

  • A good start: Watch the video. While you drink your coffee or eat breakfast. Watch on the subway. Watch while you wait at the dentist. Because watching will relax you, and it can trigger your body to want to move.
  • Emergency medicine: Do that last 12’ of the Move with Me video segment. This intuitive flow has calming, healing powers.
  • Excellent maintenance: Do the 20′ session every day. 20′ is what it takes to change your neurotransmitter bath—a.k.a. your mood and body chemistry. It’ll change your day.
  • Growing and blooming: The best, of course. Do this 20′ session as the beginning of your fuller personal practice.


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  1. Dunya Dianne McPherson

    “Simple, beautiful, perfect.” –David Hammond

  2. Dunya Dianne McPherson

    “How nice it is to participate in movement in which we are meant to feel good as opposed to look good. Each time I completed the exercises I felt a warmth deep in my muscles that are frequently stiff and sore. It felt like a relief. Like I put down a heavy load.” –Theresa W. (‘Move with Me’ series in March)

  3. Dunya Dianne McPherson

    “Oh Dunya, this rocking one is so deeply moving. I’m so thankful. I’ve been ill and I can feel the toxins leaving my body as I move with you. There are all kinds of places in me that feel locked and blocked and as I move with the rocking, the crackling and popping and releasing is very deep. Many many tears.I am repeating it again and again, for it feels like the only means I have to really free the contamination that I have experienced deep within. Thank you Dunya for sharing your wisdom of the body with us.” — Laurienne Singer (‘Move with Me’ series in March)

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