Dunya at Ravenrock ~ painting by C. Ryder

by Dunya Dianne McPherson Last summer at Movement Monastery in New Mexico, when I am no longer a young pretty dancer, when the ground and sky, the weather, ideals, and my bones have the temerity to shift—Catherine Ryder does a sketch of me. She does many sketches: sunset, the road, people dancing in the studio, [...]

Barn Raising: Days 4 & 5

The Barn Looks Like a Barn They continue steadily on in a zen-like way without any zen to their self-concept. Tim makes the frames for doors and windows. He leans intently over the saw horses to trim a piece of 2x4 for a window frame. Every frame he has made fits perfectly. He didn’t finish [...]

Barn Raising: Days 1 & 2

Digging Holes Heavy fog. I can’t see anything outside my ring of trees. Dripping wet. The guys made it up thew mucky road in their 2-wheel drive truck! I’m impressed. Then I slog around, my boots twice their size with heavy clay mud. They dig with the auger then jackhammering the limestone in the fog. By [...]

It’s a Barn Raisin’!

Night Before If you've never seen a barn raising, let me tell you it is a thrilling process--from nothing to something in five days. The Wilson Pole Barn Construction out of Wagoner, OK did the Ravenrock Barn. The night before the barn was scheduled to arrive, I was very very blue, very alone, very unsupported. [...]

Practice: Breath Dance then Writing

"We were breathing there together last night, laughing, trembling, turned in on ourselves. It was an uncountable place, unspeakable. I was lost for a long time. I loved it. I’ll love it again." Practice: try this: focus on your breath as you move for a while, 20 minutes if you can, or off and on [...]