Dunya’s Visual Art: Oil Paintings from 2023 Exhibit

Dunya’s Visual Art: Oil Paintings from 2023 Exhibit

Usually I write about movement and embodiment. This time, I bring something different. I hope you will enjoy this collection of my paintings. It’s a body of work spanning the past four years exhibited at the Falmouth Art Center on Cape Cod in 2023.

To purchase a painting kindly email me at dervish@dancemeditation.org

I discover an infinity of worlds within worlds.
And timelessness...

What’s around the bend, hidden over there?
All my life I have been drawn to this sense of things.

'Winter's End' by Dunya McPherson Oil 16" x 20" SOLD
‘Dreaming Woods’ by Dunya McPherson oil 8"x 10" ~ SOLD
'Ashumet Sanctuary' by Dunya McPherson oil 8"x 10" SOLD
‘Beech Woods’ by Dunya McPherson oil 8"x 10" ~ $220 SOLD
‘Peterson Farm’ by Dunya McPherson oil 8" x 10" SOLD
'Bench in the Tree' by Dunya McPherson oil 8"x 10" ~$220
'Whisperers' by Dunya McPherson 8” x 10” oil ~ SOLD

In my journal
I have written so much
about this joy, this alchemy...

...the way color moves,
the way my eyes wake,
the quiet magic of making
strokes with a brush
on wood or cloth

'September at Camel Rock' by Dunya McPherson oil 20"x 24" ~ $635
'Tarpaulin Cove' by Dunya McPherson oil 12" x 16" ~ SOLD
‘Snow on Winding Lane’ by Dunya McPherson oil 12"x 16" SOLD
'Coonamessett River' by Dunya McPherson oil 12" x 16" SOLD
'Cherry Trees on a Foggy Day' by Dunya McPherson 12” x 16" oil ~ $275
'Path by the Old Bog' by Dunya McPherson oil 16" x 20" SOLD
‘November Light’ by Dunya McPherson oil 16"x 20" SOLD
Bright Tree at Spohr Garden
'Bright Tree at Spohr Garden' by Dunya McPherson 16” x 20” oil SOLD
'Sunset over Chama' by Dunya McPherson oil 8” x 10” ~ SOLD
'Far Mesa' by Dunya McPherson oil 20” x 24” ~ $635
'Late Summer Storm in New Mexico' by Dunya McPherson 12” x 16" oil ~ $325

To purchase a painting call Falmouth Art Center ‭(508) 540-3304‬. 

Thank you!

Artist Statement – Dunya McPherson

“The mythic truth is always rooted in landscape.” – Allison Charon

For me, painting is an episode of a sheer, vibrating, embodied consciousness. My eyes are awake in a swirling world of flattening as dimensions that are neither two nor three emerge. My eyes and hands unite. I can barely tell one from the other until brush touches surface. I let go of object rendering to occupy tones, temperatures, textures, edgers, strokes, motion — the mechanisms of illusion, but also of alchemy. Later, I step back and see, though all along I have been immersed in a particular see/feel.

I am fortunate to have spent my life as a practicing, professional artist in a number of forms. A disciplined, pleasurable honing of skills and understanding of structure is common to all. 

To purchase or commission a painting, kindly contact me at dervish@dancemeditation.org

Dunya McPherson is a New York Times acclaimed National Endowment for the Arts choreographer/dancer, academic educator, internationally sought meditation authority, author of two books on Sufi mysticism, seeker, tea drinker, and painter.  She lives in Woods Hole.