Here we were two years ago. A lot has happened since then!

We are guided by simplicity and need. Sustainability and minimal impact on the land are central to all choices. Because the property is remote, design and construction are unfussy and break-resistant.


Design ArabesqueMeditation Hall
The Meditation Hall is a metal pole barn insulated with papercrete and foam, with a plywood dance floor, raw wood plank ceiling. Water is a rain catchment system with hand pumps. There are two solar panels and charging battery to charge a sound system for workshops and small devices, but otherwise there is no electrical wiring. This contributes to peaceful environment free of noisy generators and electrical buzz. Lantern lighting is relaxing. There are two porches, one small entry porch on the east side, and a large 15’x25′ porch on the west side for cooking on a propane grill. On the west side is the Croft, an attached 15’x25′ living quarters.


Design ArabesqueBarn Raising
It was a thrill documenting the Wilson Pole Barn guys put up our beautiful 30’x 50′ metal-clad pole barn with a 15’x50′ shed  in 5 days! The long roof on the shed side was designed to take advantage of scant desert rain and snowfall for water catchment.

Barn Raising Day 1: Foundations
Barn Raising Day 2: Framing
Barn Raising Day 3: Roof Trusses
Barn Raising Day 4: Doors & Windows
Barn Raising Day 5: Metal Roof & Walls


Design ArabesqueInsulation & Papercrete
Initially we had hoped to insulate the metal pole barn with papercrete. Through trial and error, the builders decided on a combination of foam and papercrete overlaid with plaster. The newly installed ceiling is wonderful raw pine planking.
About Papercrete!


Design ArabesqueDance Floor
The dance floor is plywood sanded and finished with Monocoat that leaves it strong and satin-y. Beautiful to touch and move on.
Putting in the Dance Floor


Design ArabesqueWater Catchment
Our capacious roof collects 800 gallons of water from one inch of rain or ten inches of snow melt. We have four 800 gallon tanks, two on the northeast corner and two on the southwest corner for a total capacity of 3000 gallons water storage.
Ravenrock Barn Water Catchment



More coming about the final elements of ceiling, installation of large glass south doors, and interior plastering.




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