Ravenrock Retreat

Ravenrock Retreat

Ravenrock Retreat for advanced practitioners.
April 2023

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Retreat for advanced practitioners. April 2023.

The suggested minimum donation is $225 for my teaching and for Ravenrock. You may slide higher if you are able and wish to.

Just a quick note about payments. It’s a donation to a nonprofit! Hurray! Our sponsoring organization, Dervish Society of America (DSA), is a 501-C3B designation which means that event payments are donations. (And nonrefundable.)
Our mission statement: Dancemeditation is a program of the Dervish Society of America (DSA), a nonprofit 501-C3B organization helping people realize their potential by honoring their body and its movement ways using evolutionary Sufi Dancemeditation practices.
Thank you for your support. Most important, thank you for being part of this practicing community through thick and thin. You are the best!