Urban Ritual: Interview with Erin Carlisle Norton

by Dunya Dianne McPherson I walk along Chambers St. in lower Manhattan beside a massive Victorian edifice of pillars and arches to Gibney Dance, a busy warren of dance studios. It hides somewhere here. I’m meeting Erin Carlisle Norton, host of ‘Movers and Shapers; A Dance Podcast’. Erin is doing an impressive project recording life [...]

Skin of Glass: Finding Spirit in the Flesh

“Profound ideas, expressed in startlingly evocative language.” "A mystical page-turner! I read 'Skin of Glass' in two days all the way through, wishing, as I read, that there was a way I could inhale this book instead, draw this feast of story into me sooner, faster, more vividly... Its intimate poetic prose paints brilliant color [...]

Practice: Bone Watching

A week or so ago, Nannette, Ric, and I got together for a much-needed impromptu Dancemeditation practice on Cape Cod. I had been feeling stressed and overwhelmed and was very grateful to be spreading out my blanket, getting down on the floor.  Once we were relaxed, I gave the following practice: Practice: Bone Watching Close [...]

Practice: Side-to-Side Roll

"The other evening I sank in, and the music took me somewhere. Darkness swaddled me. The floor slid by. The floor pushed my right arm away from falling into a cavern... And then I must have slept. I felt a billion times better afterward, limbs swinging loose, lymph circulating, mind clear. " - DDMcPherson Practice: [...]

Barn Raising: Days 4 & 5

The Barn Looks Like a Barn They continue steadily on in a zen-like way without any zen to their self-concept. Tim makes the frames for doors and windows. He leans intently over the saw horses to trim a piece of 2x4 for a window frame. Every frame he has made fits perfectly. He didn’t finish [...]

Barn Raising: Day 3

A dramatic day. The guys erected the rafters. First, the pre-fabbed trusses were laid on the ground inside the barn parameters below where each would be hoisted aloft. Tim climbed up to one south-most corner, and Steve to the other corner. They perched 12 feet up, like gargoyles, chatting while Juany tromped below getting things [...]