‘Move with Me’ Welcome Kit

‘Move with Me’ Welcome Kit

We are about to enter a lovely time together doing the most precious, evolutionary activity on this earth—cultivating relationship with self, with Self, with body, all that body is, and with the Beauty & Mystery.


ArabesqueWhat’s in Your Weekly 20′ Video Session

We have 20′ together, enough time to make a big difference in your day, in your life. Here is what we will do.


  • Part 1 ~ Words of Wisdom: a brief verbal introduction of a focus to tether our movement process and awareness. (1′-4′)
  • Part 2 ~ Follow Me: I’ll get us going, leading movement that emphasizes or initiates exploration of the focus. (6′-8′)
  • Part 3 ~ Move with Me: I’ll move us into an intuitive flow, heading toward a deepening meditative state. (10′-12′)

If I have to characterize the session parts, I’d say Part 1 is for your mind, Part 2 connects your attention with your movement to deepen awareness and embodiment, and Part 3 is to enter the meditative state.

On Your Own
For the fullest experience, and to allow time for your body/self to integrate and digest Parts 1—3, use the video as a springboard to your own dance. When the session ends, turn on your music, close your eyes, and let your body move. I will suggest this on the session video.(10’—20’ minutes on your own, then 5′ rest.)



ArabesqueSetting Up Your Spot

You need a rug or cushy mat and enough room to stretch your arms and legs fully in any direction. Make sure it is clean and a comfy temperature so you can fully relax. Wear the absolutely most comfortable, inviting set of ‘vestments’; how great to be in your own living room not having to look good for anyone! Just feeling good.

You need a wifi way to view your video.

Bring curiosity, acceptance, and kindness into the room with you.

– Have a way to play music at the ready in case you want to continue moving after the video session ends. (Any simple sound system is fine.)
– Keep the world at bay by turning off your phone and telling the household you’re busy for now. This time is for you! Put attention on yourself. You are IT.



ArabesqueAbout Following Me

As you follow me in the video, relax your gaze. This is important. Let you eyes be soft. Let the movement come into you, rather than you going out to fetch it. You can view over and over, so there is no rush. Just let it flow in.

There is a secret benefit to following. More than simply jump-starting your deepening meditation, following cultivates the fundamental spiritual principal of surrender. It helps you receive, relax, and be carried. When we de-emphasize analytical, cognitive processes—a.k.a. thinking—random, chaotic, non-functional thinking drops away as well. This helps short-circuit the habit of using mind to beat the body into submission. Our body absorbs the amount it can absorb. Most important, through the learning of ‘following-ness’, we pattern the mind to follow body, mind listen to body. We learn how to let our body speak its truth to a custodial mind.

For more: Lead & Follow



Arabesque4 Ways to Use the Video
You may not have thought of all of these…


  1. A good start: Watch the video. While you drink your coffee or eat breakfast. Watch on the subway. Watch while you wait at the dentist. Because watching will relax you, and it can trigger your body to want to move.
  2. Emergency medicine: Do that last 12’ Move with Me segment. This is intuitive flow has great calming, healing powers.
  3. Excellent maintenance: Do the 20′ session every day. 20′ is what it takes to change your neurotransmitter bath—a.k.a. your mood and body chemistry. It’ll change your day.
  4. Growing and blooming: The best, of course. Do this 20′ session as the beginning of your fuller personal practice.



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