Move with Me: Basic Practices 2014 Information

Move with Me: Basic Practices 2014 Information

Move with Me: Basic Practices is back!
Through December 31st.

The human journey of self-knowledge requires awareness of our body. We move in this rich doorway to come home to our eternal, unmoving Self and discover solace, perception, attunement, and joy. By popular demand, here is the first Move with Me: Basic Practices course from 2013. Healing, Stress Relief, and Refreshment after depletion can come in your own quiet room, from inside your own exquisite body, in the miracle of your Self. Move with Me: Basic Practices slides you into your intelligent flesh, into your breathing, into the sensation of your life on Earth.


surrealdreams_earthboundWhat Do You Need?
Move with Me: Basic Practices is hosted at on a password-protected page. You need a wifi connection, and a clean, quiet space to move in.



What Do You Do?

  1. Register!
  2. You will receive an email with a link and a password.
  3. The course will be available through December 31st.. You can do the sessions as many times as you wish and at any time that works for you.


surrealdreams_earthboundWhat’s in Move with Me: Basic Practices
Video Sessions
Four 20’ video sessions of beautiful, deep Dervish Dancemeditation for you to do anywhere on your time.

  • Rocking Array
  • Rolling & Rhythmic Breath Dance
  • Healing Hand Dance
  • Standing Slow Movement & Heartfelt Dance

Session Supports

Included is a downloadable PDF containing session summaries, music titles, excerpts from selected anatomy, Sufism, spiritual, & art texts, a reading list of highly recommended titles, community connection through our hosting blog page, and a weekly food tip.


surrealdreams_earthboundBefore You Start
Check out the Welcome Kit for suggestions that will enrich our practice time together.

“There are times when god stops the clock and I am suspended,  frozen in time. There is something about the suspension that provides a necessary contrast to the relentless motion of everyday life. Thank you for helping me be in stillness in motion, and watching the body’s intelligence emerge and communicate through the mind. These times are golden, as they are so hard to find, yet they tower over the details of everyday life, large and expansive.”  – Casita Negron Wild

Technical notes:
– For security, I will change the password to the host page twice during the month. You will receive and email about this.
– You need a wifi connection to view the video. For smoothest play, it helps to let the entire video load before you begin.


Take time away from being too busy with a head full of too many plans (the Future) and too many self-criticisms (the Past.) Breathe in this present moment all the way to the bottom of your full breath, all the way to your toes. Entering our Center, our authentic spiritual Self, is the homecoming that brings true comfort and peace. This place is reachable. All you have to do is join me on your cozy mat.