Music for Practice

Music for Practice

Music for Slow Movement, Deep State Motion, Deep Quiet Dance

Anour Brahim: ‘The Astounding Eyes of Rita’; ‘Astrakan Cafe’ 
Erkan Ogur: Hic’
Klaus Wiese: ‘El Hadra’
Layne Redmond: ‘Being in Rhythm’
Hamza el Din: Eclipse’; ‘Waterwheel’; ‘A Wish’
Kudsi & Suleyman Erguner:  ‘Ney Taksims’
Driss El Maloumi: Maroc: ‘L’Ame Dansee’ 
Simon Shaheen: ‘Ancient Egypt’
Mohammad Reza Shadjarian: ‘Night Silence Desert’
Sacha Silva: ‘Susurro’
Samir Siblini: Zaman Al-Sami’
Taksim Trio

Music for Whirling:
‘Hamdulillah: Fez Festival of World Sacred Music Vol II’

Corvallis Retreat - Final day's dance play list

Burhan Oczal: ‘ Bugu-Jazz 
Rhiannon Giddens:  ‘I’m on My Way’
Stephen Pompougnac: ‘Back to the Wall’
Lena Horne: ‘I Wana A Little Doggie’ (Hotel Costes 11)
Damien Estoban: ‘Am I Wrong’
Peter Gabriel:  ‘Shaking the Tree’
Tanariwen: ‘Tasilli’
Manish De Moor: ‘Cosmic Flow’
Layne Redmond:
‘Seven Sent’
Ilhan Ersahin: ‘Ennino’ (East 2 West Crossing Continents)
Ulf Wakenius: ‘Birds & Bees’

Music for Rhythmic Breath Dances and Released Dancing

These are uptempo choices. If an entire album is good I have listed it here. The compilations have a variety of artists to explore. If you have attended a workshop with me, I sometimes post a playlist on this page (as I have above) so you can see what went into that mix.

Abdelli: New Moon
Amina: Wa Di Ye
Hossam Ramzy: Immortal Egpyt; Gamal Rohani; Source of Fire
Gypsy Kings
Joe Zeytoonian: Cafe Makam; Danse Oriental
Layne Redmond: Trance Union
Mercan Dede: Sufi Traveler; 800; Breath; Journey of a Dervish; Nar
Nusrat Fatih Ali Khan: Swan Song
Omar Faruk Tekbelik: Whirling; Mystical Garden
Composer Unknown: The Sultan’s Secret Door
Hotel Costes Quatre; Hotel Costes 5; Hotel Costes 6; &Hotel Costes La Suite
The Rough Guide to Bellydance
Dub Qawaali
Desert Grooves
Sahara Lounge

Artists to Explore

Sushaala Rahman including ‘Ghost Gamelan’
Anoushka Shankar
Poppy Ackroyd

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