Sojourn the Inner Heaven: Movement Meditations for Awakening

It's almost here! Our body needs more than a hot bath, a massage, a walk, and a workout. Part instruction, part contemplation, part practice companion, this beautiful and lucid guide from Dunya Dianne McPherson, choreographer/dancer, Shattari Sufi adept, pioneer in embodied mysticism, and Founder of Dancemeditation™, helps us embrace our body as an intimate, safe [...]

Skin of Glass: Finding Spirit in the Flesh

“Profound ideas, expressed in startlingly evocative language.” Dunya’s intense passion for dance took her from a small seaside New England town in 1972 to the Juilliard School in the heart of NYC’s vibrant, edgy art scene. A decade later, healing from a serious injury, she turned away from a successful performing career and retreated to [...]

Summer Practice 2021

The shape of exhaustion is different from other times in my life but once I saw it, felt that leaden sequence of a flickering impulse to do a thing followed by absolutely no reserve with which to do it. Though over a lifetime I have cultivated self-care, the way the world leans on us changes and we don’t often see that we need such care.

Universal Dancer Podcast: Episode 2

Host Leslie Zehr, author of The Alchemy of Dance: Sacred Dance as a Path to the Universal Dancer and The Al-chemia Remedies: Vibrational Essences from Egyptian Flowers and Sacred Sites, interviews Dunya McPherson. In their soulful conversation, Dunya McPherson spoke about her journey with dance from a young age, to attending Juilliard, to finding Middle Eastern […]


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