We Need Better Words

by Dunya Dianne McPherson I walk through the cemetery on my way to the beach. I know nothing about most names carved here. Living relatives remember self-serving snippets. “My predecessor, the famous one, the infamous one, the villain, the saint.” Descendants soon forget their ancestors’ mercurial joys, the struggles and foibles, how they smelled or [...]

Movement Monastery Camping & Retreat Guide

Lunch on the Stone Porch Our Ethos About Wilderness Ravenrock’s deep, regenerative geology heals and accelerates spiritual transformation and mystical opening. Intimacy with nature means removing buffers. We provide the following guidance not to alarm you but to help you embrace the dynamic challenges gifted by Ravenrock. – Stay Aware Ravenrock is not a spa. [...]

Cape Cod Summer Dancemeditation

Come enjoy your pliable summer body-being on Cape Cod which has always been a place of healing since the beginning of human habitation.
Wednesdays ~ 1:30-3:30 July 10 & 24 in Falmouth; August 7 & 21 in Woods Hole

Dunya Dancemeditation ~ 10/11-13 ~ Corvallis, OR

Oregon State University Contemplative Studies Initiative presents Dancemeditation Retreat Weekend Oct 11-13. In this weekend retreat, engage in the practices of Deep Slow Movement, Rhythmic Breath Dances, Sufi ’Mudra’, transformational dance, Dervish Whirling and more moving into fana—the ‘annihilation’ of the surface self and the opening of the Heart Center with Sufi Guide Dunya McPherson.

Ravenrock Photo Essay

Early Spring photography by Shay Kuntz Canyon de Aguillar Shay Kuntz, a rock climber and arborist from Boston, MA visited Ravenrock (with his about-to-be-fiance, Jocelyn) in early April. They hiked out early. He caught these beautiful images. Join our email list!

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