Book: Simple Sufi Cooking

Book: Simple Sufi Cooking

“Those of you who are scattered, simplify your worrying lives.” — Jallaludin Rumi, Sufi mystic

Simple Sufi Cooking

for Retreat & Cleansing
by Dunya McPherson & Stephanie Rudloe

Practiced extensively for healing and cleansing at Sufi & Dancemeditation retreats, these dietary principles are also sound fundamentals for daily health. For centuries Sufi mystics have focused on simple, clean eating to increase consciousness and compassion. Simple Sufi Cooking brings this approach to you. The word sufi comes from the root word saf which means purity. Rather than disguising food, this book shows you how to uncover its delicious, subtle essence. The emphasis on uncomplicated, attentive preparation of unadorned food supports the clarity sought in meditative discipline. Cooking this way is elegant, easy, and pure. Enjoy the peace it brings.

“I am a traditional naturopath and have found the Sufi Cook Book to be a very effective cleansing diet for people – very alkaline and balanced. Plus the spiritual part of it is very important.”
–Debbie Engelmann, MN