Ravenrock Retreat Camping Guide

Ravenrock Retreat Camping Guide

Lunch on the Stone Porch

Our Ethos

About Wilderness
Ravenrock’s deep, regenerative geology heals and accelerates spiritual transformation and mystical opening. Intimacy with nature means removing buffers. We provide the following guidance not to alarm you but to help you embrace the dynamic challenges gifted by Ravenrock.

Stay Aware
Ravenrock is not a spa. You will have water, food, protection from sun and extreme elements, and access to emergency communication. AND we have challenging terrain, rattlesnakes, bears, and extreme desert conditions; the closest rescue is at least 45 minutes away. Stay aware.  Stay aware and you will be perfectly safe.

Solve Problems
Approach snags as a problem-solving venture. Learn to invent, make do, do without.  Please, no whining. None. Really, please.

Team Work in the Wild
We depend on one another for safety & survival. We will organize a Buddy System to safeguard one another.

North Forest Hike

Travel Information

Property Location
Ravenrock is located in the Northeast Highlands of New Mexico 15 miles southwest of Las Vegas, NM. (NOT Nevada.)

It is on Apache Mesa near the town of Romeroville, NM, 2 hours northeast of Albuquerque, 1 hour east of Santa Fe,  on Route 84South off Interstate 25.

Fly in and out of Albuquerque International Airport. (There is a small airport in Santa Fe; very expensive.)

Air Travelers
Fly to Albuquerque International Airport (ABQ). You’ll be put in touch with one another before arranging your flight so you can as a group rent a vehicle to travel to and from the airport.

We provide driving directions close to the time. Please arrive at Ravenrock by midday to set up camp.

Arrival, Sessions, & Departure
– Arrival: at Ravenrock Tuesday September 24th with  a gathering to open the energy at 5pm.
– Dancemeditation Sessions: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, September 25th – 28th.
– Departure: depart Ravenrock Sunday morning September 29th

We can arrange provisioning right before.


Meditation Hall
Our main building is a red metal clad 30×50 pole barn with papercrete and plaster walls and wood floor for workshop sessions.
Glass doors on the east and south sides provide views onto the peaceful, glowing mesa landscape.

Ravenrock Barn South
Hermit's Porch
South View from Barn Studio
Stone Porch

The Stone Porch East Entry has a floor of rocks from the property rim and on the west we have a 15 x 24′ Hermit’s Peak Porch with its sensational mountain view. In 2016 we added a Camp Kitchen off the East Porch which utilizes two 1500-gallon water catchment tanks off the east roof. The long west-side roof is water catchment for an additional two tanks, bringing water capacity to 6000 gallons total.

Daily Schedule

8am    Silent Breakfast
8:30–9:30am    Morning Work Teams
10:30am–1:15pm    Morning Meditations
1:30pm    Midday Meal
5–7pm    Evening Gathering
7:15pm    Evening Meal


Important News
This retreat we are not doing communal cooking. Bring your own food. (We tried this in April and it was fine. Quite calming, actually.) Research camping and survivalist food. There are lots of great compact, nutritious, lightweight possibilities.
We Provide
We provide kitchen set up with propane stoves, utensils, dishes, tea kettles, drinking and washing water as usual.
We will have cool storage but no refrigeration.
Air Travelers
Because you are flying, I suggest a stop in Las Vegas, NM en route up to Ravenrock to provision whatever doesn’t fit in your luggage. You can also pickup a small cooler to store your items.
Car Travelers Bring
Bring you food for the entire retreat, tea, and a Yeti/cooler for cool storage items. We advise an additional cooler for dry food to deter animals.

Warning: Do not keep food in your tent. We have bears and wild animals here.
The following are not permitted on the retreat property: alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, pets.

Camp Set-Up

Bringing Camping Gear

By Car
If you are driving, please bring your camp set up.
This includes: tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, tarp.
Camping spots in the Bowers (a juniper stand adjacent to the Barn) are prepared beforehand, chosen for their comfort from sun and distance to facilities.


By Air
We provide set-up tents, tarps, and cabins. Also yoga mats and workshop blankets.
Please bring your sleeping bag and, if possible, your ground mat.


Packing List

Camp Clothes
– camping clothes (hiking pants, boots, good socks, long sleeve shirt)
– extra t-shirts
– white cotton or linen long-sleeve shirt
– heavy sweater; down vest
– work gloves
– wide hats for high desert sun
– whistle
– compass
– flashlight and/or headlamp
– bug netting clothing for face (goes over your hat: see below)

About bugs:
Mosquitos are infrequent but when they do come out they are intense. Pack bug net clothing which is light weight, packs up small, and is better than insect repellant.

– strong moisturizer (high desert; very dry)
– sunscreen
– soap, etc.
– towel
– a few small ziplock bags
– baby wipes/wet wipes

About soap:
We provide Dr. Bronners Soap.
Because this is a short retreat we will not be setting up the Shower Tent. Sponge baths and wet wipes will take care of bathing.

Workshop Gear
– yoga mat (we have yoga mats for air travelers)
– comfortable workshop clothing
– slip-on shoes for around the Barn (easy off for shoeless-ness inside the Barn)
– light day backpack for back & forth around Camp
– journal & pen
– veil
– hand fan (the kind that opens & closes)
– extra checks or cash for shopping & misc. fees
– thumb drive for music