On Video ‘Sojourn’ Book Reading & Universal Dancer Podcast

On Video ‘Sojourn’ Book Reading & Universal Dancer Podcast

'Sojourn the Inner Heaven'
Book Launch Reading

At the Book Launch for Sojourn the Inner Heaven: Movement Meditations for Awakening Dunya read several selections from her beautiful & lucid guidebook.

  • Patience as the field of wonderment.
  • Discovering the love of one’s body.
  • A poetic reverie of taking one long, full, delicious breath.
  • A participatory Slow Movement Meditation focusing on ones hands.

Listen and enjoy readings that offer a way of moving to wake inside our being.

Dance is a wind blowing through the cells, a river carving the body into curves and cadence. We swim unaware in an ocean of space until one day, dancing, we wake up drenched.

Praise for Sojourn the Inner Heaven

“What a wonderful book! Poetic, personal, tender, imaginative, insightful, and mindful. It describes a process, explores it, and then, masterfully, explains how it can be accessed.”

—Elisa de la Roche, Ph.D., actor, writer, artist, educator

“Dunya’s poetic descriptions, effortless practices, and generous invitations expand the definition of meditation, serving to free the mind of doing so that one’s breathing, moving body awakens in the great mystery of being alive.…Read, breathe, sense, feel, dance, attend, rest…guidance from a true master, one who reveres in every cell of her body the precious dance of all living beings.”

—Mary Abrams, MA, RSME, Founder of Moving Body Resources (NYC) & International Teacher

The Universal Dancer Podcast
1st Anniversary Special Event

The Universal Dancer Podcast celebrates its first year of podcasting with a special event. Joining host and author Leslie Zehr was the first guest from last year, Dunya McPherson, Founder of Dancemeditation™, and Phoebe Neville, a dancer, Buddhist practitioner, and a Certified Teacher of Body-Mind Centering®.

Leslie and her guests take a deep dive into the importance of dance and embodiment in a spiritual practice. What a fantastic group of knowledgeable women—lots of insight to be shared. These women with different dance and spiritual backgrounds all arrived at the same point—surrender, joy, coming home.

They spoke about:

  • How their dance transformed from performance to a spiritual practice
  • The many-faceted aspects of the shadow
  • Working with the shadow through dance
  • The ability to both give and receive through the dance
  • The role of consciousness in the dance
  • The many levels of working with veils and other props
  • Our more profound ability to interact with the environment in the dance
  • Moving to “the place of unknowing.”

In addition to the thoughtful conversation, there was much to be celebrated. Leslie announced the line-up of guests for the podcast’s second season. Dunya spoke about her newly released book Sojourn the Inner Heaven: Movement Meditations for Awakening.

The replay is available on YouTube as well as all major podcast platforms.

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