Blog: Some Sufi Poems

Blog: Some Sufi Poems

by Dunya Dianne McPherson

Dunya by Paul B. Goode

When the world,
wind-whipped and breeze-cut,
dances everywhere,

its wail and shimmer hold me still.

My tremulous breath knows its evanescence.
My breath knows itself,
My breath no longer needs me and my plans
for the next breath.

My breath no longer waits for me
and those other breaths
that have slid by my heart
full of a certain day.

Green Lichen photo by Iscah Paquin

My heart tips forward
cupping my dark innerness,
deep in a cavern, free and soft as a mollusk
in a Forever way, without direction.

Inside the rock.
Before the ocean.
The world was once shrouded.
Melt like salt in rain.
Down and in.

Ravenrock, early day, early spring ~ photo: Shay Kuntz

I woke a little.
Birdsong pierced holes in the gray veil.
I closed my eyes, returning to darkness.

I woke again in pale fog.
Little mouths on the back of my spine
opened and closed.
My toes stirred the warmth beneath covers,
my breathing still heavy with sleep.
I closed my eyes, waiting.

A wave surged up through my thighs, my belly, my chest,
opening me to the day,
to air ready to cradle me, enter me.
I tossed back the covers so it could touch me.
So it could draw me forth.

I am delighted that you are with me and appreciate your sharing these writings friends. Thank you!

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2 years ago

Thank you so much for these Sufi resonant poems…..and the photos that go with them. They all took me deep into the Sufi experience. Some of my favorite lines and images are “wind-whipped and breeze-cut” and how “the breath no longer needs me and my plans.” I love the poem about waking up with birdsong piercing the veil….waking us into consciousness on so many levels. The line for me that was so exacting and vivid was “Little mouths on the back of my spine opened and closed.” Bravo!