Photo Essay: Dancemeditation by Paul B. Goode

The Alembic photography by Paul B. Goode These photographs are an evocative body of work by master dance photographer Paul B. Goode of The Alembic, a performance project group of dancers gathered together in NYC studying Dancemeditation with Dunya intensively for their own healing and development. The Alembic offered meditations intended to be publicly witnessed by [...]

Ambition Falling 

by Dunya Dianne McPherson Every autumn, I spend three solitary weeks at Ravenrock because—this is my incapacity—I feel my depth best when ‘worldly’ cacophony is diminished. The most sensitive dimension of self /non-self eludes me unless I’m away from wifi, news, traffic, etc. Here is one of my Solitude Writings. Night  Rain It began raining [...]

2022 Tea with Dunya Calendar

PURCHASE YOUR 2022 CALENDAR HERE!  "Dunya McPherson's art embraces many media and many dimensions.  The wonderful photographs of tea, set for Dunya and/or guests, is a clue to how present she is in her work, and how welcoming. It is appropriate to be sending you this note and these images on the Solstice, a day so [...]

Meditation: Three Spaces

On Earth, we have three moving relationships to gravity. Low Space is movement on the floor, Middle Space is any motion between standing and lying down, and High Space is movement standing up. I like the word ‘space’ for cue-ing our body because it gives a spherical feeling to our explorations (versus the hierarchical flatness [...]
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