2024 Sacred Spaces: Landscapes by Dunya McPherson Calendar

2024 Sacred Spaces: Landscapes by Dunya McPherson Calendar


A calendar of oil paintings by Dunya McPherson. A special collection of paintings of places that Dunya finds special, sacred.

Dunya McPherson meditates on the communion of the spiritual and the physical and how to express that through the body, which is both.  Her autobiography, “Skin of Glass” is worthy of Swift and Joyce. Her latest work “Sojourn the Inner Heaven” provides movement meditations for awakening. We hope that visiting these sacred spaces through these images is a privilege and a blessing for you. Her work is further available at dancemeditation.org

Robert Manz, robertmanzstudio.com


About paper

We recommend coated card stock for the highest print quality on a non-rag paper. This is card stock that has been coated with a matte finish to optimize print quality from a wide format inkjet printer. The paper we use is 230 gsm, roughly equivalent to 80 pound cover.

For a more robust paper, with a slight loss of quality, and an economy of pricing, we have three sizes available in heavy card stock, 271 gsm, or 100 pound cover. This paper will NOT curl. Robert estimates the image print quality on this paper at about 90% of coated card stock.

For giclee quality printing of your calendar we offer heavy rag paper as an option from Hahnemuehle, their Photo Rag, at 308 gsm or about 120 pound cover. This paper has a velvety surface and yields a print with presence. It is admittedly expensive, but the cost of 14 individual giclee prints of these images, would, at each of the sizes, be much more expensive.

We hope this is helpful. ~Robert

It consists of 14 sheets unbound, twelve months and front and rear cover. Each sheet is center top hole punched for easy hanging. The size given is the overall size. Roughly the top half of the sheet is dedicated to the image and the bottom half to the month days and dates grid. The calendar highlights season changes, phases of the moon and daylight savings start/finish.

All images are copyright, Dunya McPherson. Note cards featuring each of Dunya’s images are also available. Click this link.