Move with Me ~ Dunya Online in March

Fresh new video sessions—one a week for four weeks in March—of beautiful, deep Dancemeditation for you to do anywhere on your time. I also include valuable support extras to cradle the motion. I have been thinking about this for a long time. How exciting that the time has arrived! I look forward to this new […]

It’s an Inside Job

He’s got that blue collar presentation: sturdy work jacket with ‘Bill’ embroidered on the right chest patch, the clean Saturday jeans, Brooklyn accent, burly body. I’m sitting in a camping chair out in back of Ric’s apartment building under budding trees beside a bayou drinking my tea. I like this spot. I watch skittering squirrels […]

Coming Home: Letter to Kate

I sit in the Pine Grove a bit shocked by all the small purple flowers, tufts of long, tender grass, and feathery, ferny stems springing up from what was a dense, brittle carpet of pine needles when I departed. I am wading in shin-deep greenery! The ground is vaguely springy. The rainy-season has also brought […]

Fur on the New Frontier: Letter to Dee

Dearest Dee, Your package with the sheepskin rug arrived safely on Tuesday, or that’s when I went into town to fetch it, and in the nick of time. The past two nights have been cold and the fur kept me toasty. It is also the best, non-electrical heating pad for my sore, over-worked muscles after […]

Do the Not Doing in order to Undo the Overdoing

My fluids resonate with the bay’s fluids and the scent of brine cleans my blood. Three distances hold my view–near, the leafy glade; middle, the bracelet of blue water; and on the far horizon, a spiny sea monster of Outer Green Island–mix their visual melodies in my eyes’ understanding. I’m able to write this because […]

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