Do the Not Doing in order to Undo the Overdoing

My fluids resonate with the bay’s fluids and the scent of brine cleans my blood. Three distances hold my view–near, the leafy glade; middle, the bracelet of blue water; and on the far horizon, a spiny sea monster of Outer Green Island–mix their visual melodies in my eyes’ understanding. I’m able to write this because […]

Witnessing Expanded

I lay belly down on the deck of my cabin, rolling my thighs on warming wood, smelling the day. I watched a small brown bird hop from blade to blade in the grass. All of sudden my breath opened deep. I felt my body melt into the wood, and my back absorb the blue sky […]

Meditation: Breath Dance then Writing

"We were breathing there together last night, laughing, trembling, turned in on ourselves. It was an uncountable place, unspeakable. I was lost for a long time. I loved it. I’ll love it again." Practice: try this: focus on your breath as you move for a while, 20 minutes if you can, or off and on [...]

Spiritual Bellydance at Kripalu

"Art is not an end in itself. It is a medium in service of sacred understanding." --Rasa, Rene Daumal I just returned from presenting this year's 5-day Program at Kripalu. We are a mixed-level group of 20. Many were beginner dancers, or new to bellydance, and were unfamiliar with my methods, yet by the end [...]
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