Facing Fear: Conversation with Surya Jane

As some of prepare for retreat in the wilds, fear of snakes and spiders, bears and bobcats comes along. Surya Jane and I got into interchange about fear and facing fear. Wild animals bring wonder but also our most primordial fears and dark dreams to the surface.

Move with Me: Intuitive Flow Week One

Week One: Session Summary
 Part 1: Words of Wisdom: Relaxation and impulsiveness. Read more below. Part 2: Follow Me: Floor Movement. This session we will be lying on the floor. Near the end, you will need a long veil or strap to loop around you foot and gently manipulate your leg’s the range of motion.

Move with Me: Intuitive Flow ~ Dunya online in June

June is perfect for Intuitive Flow. Here are fresh new video sessions—one a week for four weeks—of beautiful, deep Dancemeditation for you to do anywhere on your time—using movement & writing to open the Mystery and take you to the creative, sustaining Well.

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