Shellacking the Tea Tray

The time after my father’s death. I feel like a washing machine waiting for the agitation cycle to finish. While my hips take their sweet time to heal as an external measure of the life transition sloshing under my lid, I get out the shellack to keep myself busy and away from meddling with my […]

Austin, TX Dancemeditation Weekend Nov 9-11

POSTPONED! Thank you for your interest and stay tuned for new date in 2014.     Move into your body and breath, the music, your Heart Center. Move into Contentment and Intimacy with The Divine Eternal. Sacred Dancemeditation with Spiritual Slumber Party, Simple Sufi dinner included and free BYO-Bedding sleep-over accommodation in the Sacred Movement […]

First Summer Movement Monastery at Ravenrock

My beloved crew has departed after a two week retreat that was in some respects a simple continuation of the past 25 years. As usual we did our daily sessions of movement, breathing, dance, chanting, writing, but this year we did it at Ravenrock, a place of my choosing and cultivating.

Facing Fear: Conversation with Surya Jane

As some of prepare for retreat in the wilds, fear of snakes and spiders, bears and bobcats comes along. Surya Jane and I got into interchange about fear and facing fear. Wild animals bring wonder but also our most primordial fears and dark dreams to the surface.

Move with Me: Intuitive Flow Week One

Week One: Session Summary‚Ä® Part 1: Words of Wisdom: Relaxation and impulsiveness. Read more below. Part 2: Follow Me: Floor Movement. This session we will be lying on the floor. Near the end, you will need a long veil or strap to loop around you foot and gently manipulate your leg’s the range of motion.

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