Solo Retreat at Ravenrock

The small camping Rim Cabin is a perfect personal retreat. It perches on the rock rim nestled in a shady grove of Ponderosa pines with an easy descent into the forest. The panoramic cabin windows and deck offer an astonishing canyon view. Metal roof and tanks provide water catchment. (Devices can be powered by a [...]

Leading and Following

Following-ness in the Ocean of Dark Space excerpt from ‘Sojourn the Inner Heaven: Movement Meditations for Awakening’ by Dunya Dianne McPherson When I first began to study meditation, I followed my teacher. He taught by moving slowly, meditatively. It was so different, this wordless way of being taken into something new. I thought maybe it [...]

Passage to Ravenrock

Passage to RavenrockDunya Dianne McPherson I am deeply touched by a BBC news piece about the forgotten 7th century hermitage on Skellig Michael off the Irish coast. Beehive-like domes of stone that resemble the Persian earth architecture of the same period, snuggle into craggy inclines connected by stone stairs. The island is ringed by sheer [...]

Wild Witness

I had not yet learned how to step beyond the vantage point of my humanness and all of its entitlements in order to truly see and be seen.

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