Movement Monastery

“Let love lead your soul.  Make it a place to retire to, a kind of monastery cave, a retreat for the deepest core of your being.” — Attar of Nashipur The annual Movement Monastery takes place at Ravenrock, 160 acres of high desert terrain at 7000 feet. Seekers leave frenetic modern life and delve into rich spiritual practice [...]

Skin of Glass: Finding Spirit in the Flesh

“Profound ideas, expressed in startlingly evocative language.” "A mystical page-turner! I read 'Skin of Glass' in two days all the way through, wishing, as I read, that there was a way I could inhale this book instead, draw this feast of story into me sooner, faster, more vividly... Its intimate poetic prose paints brilliant color [...]

Passage to Ravenrock

Passage to RavenrockDunya Dianne McPherson I am deeply touched by a BBC news piece about the forgotten 7th century hermitage on Skellig Michael off the Irish coast. Beehive-like domes of stone that resemble the Persian earth architecture of the same period, snuggle into craggy inclines connected by stone stairs. The island is ringed by sheer [...]


I draw inner comparisons between those solitudes and the current quarantine. I seem to have plenty of capacity with sequestration. The prior episodes have made this one seem like a piece of cake.

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