Photo Essay: Dancemeditation by Paul B. Goode

The Alembic photography by Paul B. Goode These photographs are an evocative body of work by master dance photographer Paul B. Goode of The Alembic, a performance project group of dancers gathered together in NYC studying Dancemeditation with Dunya intensively for their own healing and development. The Alembic offered meditations intended to be publicly witnessed by [...]

Ambition Falling 

by Dunya Dianne McPherson Every autumn, I spend three solitary weeks at Ravenrock because—this is my incapacity—I feel my depth best when ‘worldly’ cacophony is diminished. The most sensitive dimension of self /non-self eludes me unless I’m away from wifi, news, traffic, etc. Here is one of my Solitude Writings. Night  Rain It began raining [...]
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