MOVERS & SHAPERS: A DANCE PODCAST The personal stories, experiences, and ideas from those who shape the dance field. Podcast produced by: The Moving Architects Interviewer: Erin Carlisle Norton Theme Music: Adam Crawley whose music can be found at djplie.com Dunya Dianne McPherson Release Date: 2.6.19 TO DOWNLOAD PODCAST OR LISTEN: iTunes, Stitcher, or any Smartphone Podcast app Facebook: [...]

Movement Monastery Camping & Retreat Guide

Lunch on the Stone Porch Our Ethos About Wilderness Ravenrock’s deep, regenerative geology heals and accelerates spiritual transformation and mystical opening. Intimacy with nature means removing buffers. We provide the following guidance not to alarm you but to help you embrace the dynamic challenges gifted by Ravenrock. – Stay Aware Ravenrock is not a spa. [...]

Meditation: Bone Watching

A week or so ago, Nannette, Ric, and I got together for a much-needed impromptu Dancemeditation practice on Cape Cod. I had been feeling stressed and overwhelmed and was very grateful to be spreading out my blanket, getting down on the floor.  Once we were relaxed, I gave the following practice: Practice: Bone Watching Close [...]
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