Veil Dancing

A veil is a swath of lightweight silk, 3 ½ yards long, 45” wide that acts as a ‘feeler’ expanding us beyond our body’s skin edge. Morning Veil Dance by Dunya Dianne McPherson I stand looking at my closet. Behind the closed wooden doors are veils; I see them in my mind’s eye. I’ve been [...]

It’s a Barn Raisin’!

Here's the story of how the Barn at Ravenrock in NM went up in one week in September 2011. Night Before If you've never seen a barn raising, let me tell you it is a thrilling process--from nothing to something in five days. The Wilson Pole Barn Construction out of Wagoner, OK did the Ravenrock Barn. [...]

Communion of Beings

I couldn’t grasp this spark of information that immediately bypassed my head to lodge in my heart, beginning its long, leisurely, shimmering unfolding.

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