Skin of Glass: Finding Spirit in the Flesh – Book

Reviews        Contents        Take a Look Inside “Profound ideas, expressed in startlingly evocative language.” Dunya’s intense passion for dance took her from a small seaside New England town in 1972 to the Juilliard School in the heart of NYC’s vibrant, edgy art scene. A decade later, healing from a serious [...]

Summer Practice 2021

The shape of exhaustion is different from other times in my life but once I saw it, felt that leaden sequence of a flickering impulse to do a thing followed by absolutely no reserve with which to do it. Though over a lifetime I have cultivated self-care, the way the world leans on us changes and we don’t often see that we need such care.


MOVERS & SHAPERS: A DANCE PODCAST The personal stories, experiences, and ideas from those who shape the dance field. Podcast produced by: The Moving Architects Interviewer: Erin Carlisle Norton Theme Music: Adam Crawley whose music can be found at Dunya Dianne McPherson Release Date: 2.6.19 TO DOWNLOAD PODCAST OR LISTEN: iTunes, Stitcher, or any Smartphone Podcast app Facebook: [...]
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